our story

About our Store

The story of Namajees starts in 2016 and we came online from 2017 in the eCommerce industry. Namajees started with the unique idea of an online store for Islamic caps and other products. As we started Namajees had only two workers and the company started in a single room with no assets or capital. With the ambition of hard work the company and its name strived for a place in today’s world.


Namajees aims to be the most compliant and easy shopping place for any type of consumer within the country with fast and easy service, online and Retail likewise. We aim not only to provide the basic but also cater to different and various needs of our Valued Customers. To Sum it up we aim to set a new trend in business and provide a friendly, positive and satisfying experience to our customers and all the while giving a hard time to our Competitors.